About Moksham Spa

About Us

Moksham- The Fusion Spa
A Holistic Spa in Bandra (West), Mumbai

An urban retreat for mind, body, and aatman; Moksham brings revolutionary changes by introducing fusion modalities in wellness practices. It allows us to bring holistic healing to individuals. Our techniques have roots in ancient healing practices that believe in the philosophy that one can achieve external health by treating internal health. With over a decade of experience in the wellness industry, we own an impressive chain of spa and wellness centres in Bandra and Colaba in Mumbai.

Awaken your senses by selecting from a range of beauty and health treatments. Re-energise your inner strength with sublime ingredients that brings a natural glow and makes the strain of daily life fade away.

Moksham: The state-of statelessness on the wheel of action where one stands liberated from the stress of life due to our rushed lifestyle,work pressure, city dwelling, traffic etc.

Moksham is based on the philosophy of Liberation or “Innerpeace” Moksham is inherent to the traditional rooted India approach to wellness through the ancient healing wisdom along with the created sacred space for solitude- focusing upon delivering peace of mind. The architecture/ ambiance of Moksham draws inspiration from its name blending seamlessly with the beauty of the aesthetic environment.

We know that in today’s hectic and stressful scenario to be at peace with your mind and your body is not that easy, even though it is a necessity for basic survival for all human beings. And; therefore at Moksham; the ultimate aim is to create liberation, bliss, rejuvenation, tranquility & absolute freedom from the unrest by practicing various traditional and authentic massages with sound & light therapy, aroma of exotic oil, healing touch etc; thus leading to removal of toxins & stress, bringing in clarity of mind, reducing stiffness & ultimately leading to physical healing.

Moksham explores with the revolutionary concept of using a wide variety of fusion modalities that brings in holistic healing for your Mind ,Body & Aatman. At the Moksham Spa, we offer an authentic luxurious experience with treatments that are derived from ancient Indian wisdom, culture and royalty. Step into our royal spa near Mumbai Airport and enjoy the best spa treatment with luxurious ambience. Book Your Appointment.