Spa Guide - FAQ's

1)Why Moksham?
Moksham explores with the revolutionary concept of using a wide variety of fusion modalities that brings in holistic healing for your Mind ,Body & Aatman.

2)Why and when should I go to a Spa?
A spa is a place that offers therapies for de-stressing, de-toxification, immunity and inner happiness for anyone and everyone. Ideally; one visit a week, otherwise whenever you feel like it.

3)Who are the spa therapists?
Spa therapies are performed by qualified and trained therapists.

4)Who should avoid going to a spa?
Certain therapies may not be advisable for you if you have any type of medical condition. Be sure to mention your medical condition to the person booking your appointment or at least before your spa therapy starts so that he or she can suggest a therapy best suited for you. Otherwise almost anyone can go to a spa. However, the following are advised not to take a spa therapy. 1. People who have undergone a surgery (take care buddy) 2. People with skin diseases (to check the spread) 3. Pregnant women (precaution is better than cure), you can go for a face therapy) 4. If you’ve already changed what you eat and are trying to drink more water, then try booking an aromatherapy massage the week before your period. 5. Children below 16 yrs of age (go play ). 6. Heat treatments are not recommended for the very young or for older people, and particularly not for anyone with any kind of heart disorder or blood condition. For this reason you may need to avoid steam.

5)Do I need to book an appointment?
You should book a slot much in advance as possible. Appointments on weekdays are more easily available than those on weekends. If you must cancel your appointment, give the spa as much advance notice as possible. Guests who cancel their appointments risk being given lower priority the next time they make an appointment.

6)Do I carry a set of cloths to be used for the spa session?
Before your spa therapy begins you will be given disposable underclothes. During your spa therapy the parts of your body that are not being worked on will be covered using a towel. This is done both to ensure privacy and also so that the body does not lose heat rapidly.

7)Is it suggested to have food before a spa therapy?
Don’t eat or drink for at least an hour before a therapy to avoid discomfort during the therapy. A nice cup of herbal tea after a spa therapy will complete the rejuvenation and help detoxifying the system.

8) I spend all day on computer. My neck is permanently stiff. Will a massage be the solution?
There’s nothing quite like laptop-shoulders… Of course, the best thing for you in the long term will be to improve your working habits. But there are things that will help in the short term. In the short term, however, a massage will definitely help. There’s a reason why so many athletes and sports people have a regular massage. A neck, back and shoulder massage is ideal for loosening up tight muscles – even one treatment can result in you being able to turn your head and sit a little straighter. You may even sleep better.

9) I’ve been feeling really tired and run down. What treatments will help me feel better?
Moksham offers a spa breaks and packages aimed at “a new you” when you’re trying to improve your general health. Time away at a spa can provide a really good chance to review your lifestyle and begin to make changes and find the “me time” that you rightly deserve.