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Main Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage


The deep tissue massage which is often required for your body is the best source of outer and inner rehabilitation which combats stiffness and body ache in your body by reaching deeper into the tissues helping them relax.

This evolutionary massage practiced since the 19th century is the much needed requirement for everyone nowadays in this stressful world. The deep tissue massage involves soft low pressure warm up by applying lukewarm oil on to the body surface before reaching the deeper tissues of the body so it removes all the stiffness assimilated by daily activities. The need for deep tissue massage makes you forget the ongoing stress inside your brain as well as the body.

Some of the factors given below will help you know about the massage more deeply.

  • Deep tissue massage helps in musculoskeletal issues and muscle rehabilitation for:

    • Sports injury

    • Chronic pain

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Tennis elbow

    • Stiff posture

    • Osteoarthritis

    • After gym/ home workout injuries etc.

People with muscle tension prefer to visit a massage therapist as it cures the pain naturally. There are a lot of deep tissue massage centers in Mumbai like body massage in CST Mumbai and spa near the gateway of India.

  • How to find a therapist?

There are a lot of sources by which you can reach the therapist such as

  • Your colleagues from (office, sports club, gym, college, work, etc.)

  • Your family or friends

  • Various spas near your area

  • Body massage in CST Mumbai

  • Spa near the gateway of India

  • Residential complexes

You have to keep some basic points before opting for therapy like

  • Affordability

  • Area of focus

  • And the massage center’s credentials.

  • How often to get a massage?

It should ideally be discussed with your doctor or physiotherapist but according to experts once or twice every week is ideal for the deep tissue massage until you feel better.

It also depends on your affordability for the massage. Too much of massage can also cause various side effects depending on the body, therefore, it can also be done by consulting at a spa near you.

  • What are the techniques in this massage?

Before starting a massage session, an expert therapist guide customers about the procedure followed, so that customers can choose the right therapy for themselves:

Although there are many scientific techniques used in this process most of them cover basic techniques that are usually safe and suitable for a person of every kind.

  • The first technique required is relaxing the person by keeping the place hygienic and well sanitized. It can be followed with light music which is soothing and low dim lights.

  • Second, to cover the person’s body with a clean and well washed towel and making sure of the person’s personal comfortability.

  • Third, using essential oils for the massage which can include Ayurvedic oils and other common oils like sunflower oil, argan oil, coconut oil, etc.

  • Fourth, after applying oil the therapist uses his/her hands, fingers, knuckles, elbow, acupuncture equipment, etc.

  • Last, the tissue massage is done by applying pressure with the help of all of the above gestures on a person’s body parts like legs, arms, back, neck, shoulder, and head.

  • What should be kept in mind before a massage

First, the person should have trust in the massage center by checking all the credentials of the massage centre before going for it as it builds confidence to let your body relax in that particular surrounding then only it becomes helpful for one to release all the stress.

Many people who went to body massage in CST Mumbai and spa near gateway of India gave feedback to the therapist which helped other customers to reach there.

  • Side effects of deep tissue massage

It can make your body sore for few days after muscle relaxation which is normal in every case because of the deep pressure on muscle tissues which reaches under the skin.

If an expert doing the massage is not good then it can lead you to new injuries, therefore verification id is important.

Other side effects can be

  • Patients not consulting doctors can make the situation worse by ignoring the serious injury done inside the part of the body.

  • Can become temporarily fine with the massage but can cause long term negative effects.

  • Getting too much massage which is not required.

  • Does it really work?

Yes, it really works according to many surveys done regarding the massage as it is great for weight loss because it improves your digestion by absorbing more nutrients into your body.

Apart from weight loss it also releases toxins from the body by enfolding the muscles and feasibly the lymph tissue around those muscles, the blood is being pushed through pressure and fluids of lymph everywhere so that they move on to your detoxifying organs more rapidly and go out of the body. You also feel mentally relaxed.