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5 Surprising Reasons To Have Regular A Body Massage


We are reminded of nothing else other than bliss when we hear the word massage. If we keep all the scientific elements of it aside, it is nothing but the act of getting relaxation and releasing stress. It primarily belonged to the elite section of society once upon a time but now it is available and affordable to almost everyone. It is available in gyms, hospitals and even airports. These widespread availability is due to the health benefits it possesses, and more and more people are aware of it nowadays.

Commonly found massages today are Swedish Massage, which characterized by circular movements and long strokes, Deep Tissue Massage, which is used to release muscle tension, sports massage, which deals with healing of injuries related to sports and Trigger point massages where only specific muscles are given focus on and treated.

A massage helps you remain fit mentally and not just physically. Let’s discuss a few reasons why we should have a regular massage.

  • A regular massage acts as a nervous system relaxant. Certain tendons and muscles of our body become stiff with due time. Full body massages help us revive those tight muscles and release hormones which helps us to sleep better, regulate metabolism and also release stress.


  • It boosts blood flow in our bones. Better blood flow throughout the body causes better flow of blood through our bones which brings with its essential minerals like calcium.


  • It encourages digestion and helps our digestive system to function properly. Our body’s digestion is regulated by the parasympathetic nervous system which helps to produce saliva, gastric juices, and insulin. It also stimulates the peristalsis. A professional Swedish massage can do the trick by focusing on certain areas of the abdomen to increase digestion.


  • One of the most popular plus points of a good professional massage is that it cures back pain. This problem is common among most of the population as it occurs through incorrect posture, incorrect ways of sleeping etc which is very commonplace in a daily life. A full body massage does the trick every time but deep tissue, trigger point and sports massages also cure back pain and results in better sleep as well.


  • It is a no brainer that it helps immensely in reducing stress levels. Accumulating unnecessary stress within ourselves hampers our performance both in the working atmosphere as well as in the personal space. It is detrimental to our own selves and results in dire situations which we often fail to overcome.


An instant full body massage is often the way out and yields quick results in reducing stress. And the best fact about it is that it’s also cheap and quite affordable to majority of sections of society. If you’re a resident of Mumbai, then you can visit a Spa in Khar which might be the answer to all your accumulated stress and hypertension. So drop in, spend a few bucks and set the demons inside you free!