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The Slight Difference Between Spas  Near Mumbai Airport and Central Business Districts?

There is a slight difference between masseurs working at spas near corporate districts and the ones near airports. In office areas, they attend to clients with little time. Usually a quick lunch-hour or less on a slow working day. Or, perhaps a few hours after work. A proper luxury spa near Mumbai Airport however, must attend to the need of hectic travelers. Obviously, their clients would also need several spare hours before or after their long journey. This small difference may give you a better insight for the following sections of this article.


Choosing the Right Massage Therapy for Travelers and a Proper Spa Near Airport

we saw why there are many spas in places where busy professional and also mentioned the slight difference between services at a spa near Airport area, and others near central business districts. But top-tier luxury spas like Moksham Spa have establishments near the airport as well as the heart of Old Mumbai. The two establishments are at Khar and Colaba.

Obviously, both these places must be great with short-duration rejuvenation sessions, as well as full body massages. Hence, let’s explore the different kinds of spa treatments and massages for weary travelers and how can they help you physically –


Here are some tips to get the right kind of massage at a spa near Mumbai Airport:

Aroma Therapy: Aroma Therapy along with a slow head massage can lighten the heaviest head and loosen the stiffest necks. Regular aroma therapy is known to help with various ailments ranging from depression to insomnia. However, it is also the perfect solution to get over flight anxiety, or soothe in to a difference in time-zones and grogginess. Unfortunately, most hotel spas near airport do not use authentic therapeutic herbs and aroma oils. Most places use artificial scents and fragrances, so double check before paying up!

Swedish Massage: If you have a few hours before a long flight from Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport; take a half-hour’s Uber ride to Moskham Spa’s Khar establishment which is one of the famous Spa near Mumbai Airport. No other luxury spa near Mumbai Airport can guarantee an authentic Swedish massage. This is a slow, and very soft massage technique, and requires at least an hour for the masseur to complete one session. A proper Swedish massage is also great for the skin, and you can even combine it with a facial, body wrap, or body polishing if you have enough time!

Deep Tissue Massage: Over time, proper deep tissue massage can help people cope with symptoms of illnesses like gouts, diabetes, and obesity. However, your masseur must be skilled and well-trained professionals. They must know about the lymphatic system to activate your endocrine system and gradually regulate hormones. Within a shorter duration, a proper deep tissue massage is the best relief for an aching shoulder or nagging low back pain. However, regular deep tissue massage can completely heal even old injuries and sprains.

Balinese and Thai Massage: These terms are often used as internet buzzwords, so please do not trust every salon or spa offering you a quick Thai massage. Proper Balinese or Thai masseurs need extensive training on various traditional healing massage arts from Thailand, Bali, China, and India. A proper hour-long Thai or Balinese massage can rejuvenate the worst jet lag within a few minutes. Regular traditional massages from skilled and authentic masseurs will greatly enhance your suppleness, virility, and flexibility.