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5 Reasons You Need a Full Body Massage to Deal with Daily Stress


Mumbai often pushes young professionals to the extreme with long work schedules and intense stress. However, the city also has several reliefs for these hard-working people to relax and rejuvenate. A quick online search will reveal the abundance of spas in BKC, Worli, Colaba, and other central business districts. The best spas in Khar and Bandra are also some of the oldest in the city, and they offer several types of massage and natural therapies.

Immense competition and 100 hours of office a week are common for most professionals. Hence, people working near the BKC commercial hub will also often have memberships with the many clubs and spas in BKC. However, not all the practicing masseurs are professionally trained, which is key to a proper therapeutic massage.

Moksham is one of the best-known therapeutic spas in Khar with an older chapter in Colaba. They are also among the few governments certified masseur training centers in Mumbai. At Moksham, every masseur is trained by qualified experts on the scientific techniques, therapies from ayurvedic and herbology, as well as the human anatomy.

Here are the 5 reasons you need a full body massage, and how it helps you deal with the stress of a hectic professional life -

#1 – A Calm Mind is More Productive

A strained mind gradually loses focus and eventually the work loses productivity. However, it is proven that certain aroma therapies and Thai massage techniques can relieve a stressed mind within minutes. Longer massage sessions allow you to think deeply on a subject without distractions. It is more likely to find solutions during a back massage than brooding and stressing over a cup of coffee. The many spas in BKC and other business districts is proof that professionals with hectic lives find benefit in a proper massage. If you find a full week of work wearing you down, try finding a proper spa with a trained masseur to stay frosty.

#2 – Often a Quick R&R During Lunch Hours

One of the reasons of so many spas in Khar and other business districts is because they are often the best way to de-stress quickly. You will often find individuals and small office groups heading to their nearest spa for their second half of lunch. Most spas have quick massage sessions which cost less than intensive therapeutic sessions, but instantly de-stress mind and body. These sessions are usually half and hour or less to fit conveniently within the lunch hour.

#3 – Regular Massage keeps Muscles and Tendons Healthy

One of the biggest problems of corporate life seems to be long hours of sitting and hunching over computers. This lifestyle is terrible for muscles and tendons, and even people who exercise regularly start losing flexibility because of sitting for long hours. A proper massage session every week, or at least every fortnight is the best way to beat this problem. However, this means a full Swedish or Deep Tissue massage, since a lunch-hour massage can only help so much.

#4 – Relieves Headaches and Eye Strain

Eye problems and headaches are a common problem of staring at a computer screen for long hours. Most of us can’t avoid it, especially when living and working in the city and suffer from dull headaches. Working in most corporate sectors often means looking at screens for 8 hours or more a day! The best spas in BKC like Mokhsam have special facials and massage packages which provide great relief to your eyes, neck, and forehead. You can get these facials and head massages after work to have a great night’s sleep and feel fresh the next day.

#5 – Certain Massage Therapies Boost Immunity

Ancient ayurvedic oils, and deep tissue techniques like acupressure are known to help balance hormones and activate the bio-chemical impulses. However, not every spa in Khar has trained masseurs who understand the science behind these specialized therapies. At Moksham Spa, certified masseurs spend several months in learning such techniques. They use both ayurvedic and herbology as well as massage techniques from around the world to encourage your body’s immune response. However, remember that this natural boost in immunity is a gradual process and doesn’t happen immediately after your first massage session.