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Interesting Things You Need To Indulge When in Mumbai!


The city of Mumbai is adored for its unique personality and splendid aura. No matter how many visits you make to this city, you can never have enough of it. From beaches, monuments to scrumptious foods and happening night-life, there is something or the other that will keep you enthralled and make you fall in love with it!

So, when you make your way to this part of India, there are six amazing things that you should indulge in:

  1. Stroll on the Marine Drive

Mumbai's cityscape is best defined by the Marine Drive that is surrounded by twinkling lights that create the ultimate night scene. You can simply stroll down the lanes, while admiring the massive sea and find yourself lost with time. If all that walking makes you hungry then don't forget to nibble on the famous rolls and tikkas that are found here.  


  1. Street Shopping in Linking Road & Colaba Causeway

If you are someone who is up for bargain-hunting with shopaholism then the impeccable street markets of Mumbai will never disappoint you. These are the great places to buy anything to everything ranging from antiques, books, clothes, jewelleries and handicrafts too. After hours of shopping you can take a well-deserved relaxing break at the Moksham Spa in Bandra West that specialize in various fusion modalities that help to relieve stress.


  1. Visit the Pristine Haji Ali

Every year the pristine Haji Ali attracts devotees from different parts of the world irrespective of their religion, gender or caste- why should you be left behind? You can come here to pay your tribute to the Pir Haji Ali. There are numerous tales, legends of miracles and myths that surround this place. You can visit the Dargah to immerse into soulful Qawwai too.


  1. Munch onto Classic Mumbai Delicacies!

If you ask Mumbaikars what completes the essence of their cuisine, then the one dish that will unanimously be heard is Vada Pav. This classic street food made from bread stuffed with potato fritters and topped with a spicy-sweet mint and tamarind chutney will surely make you forget to count on your calories. Another prominent delicacy that reserves a special place is Pav Bhaji. This again is a savory dish that contains a mixture of vegetables and bread.


  1. Discover the Adventurous You

Let's turn the adventurous mode on at the famous National Parks in Mumbai. Some of the key attractions include Kanheri Caves and Borivali National Park. Interestingly, these national parks are the only place to have freely roaming lions, tigers and other carnivores.


  1. Cherish a Relaxing Day at Spa

When too much indulge leaves no room for more, relax yourself down with a memorable spa experience at the Moksham Spa. The spas are located in prominent parts of the city, so that you can find it in a seamless manner. If you are travelling with your partner then you can plan a romantic spa day with couple spa packages that would add a new dimension to your trip to Mumbai. Remember to call and book an Appointment first.